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Slinky Nickel Wound Bajo

Slinky Nickel Wound Bajo

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Ernie Ball along with George Fullerton, created one of the world’s first modern acoustic bass guitars in the early 1970s. He wanted to create an instrument that would better match the acoustic guitar. An innovator in instruments as well as strings that go on those instruments, Ernie Ball now sells over 100 different types of bass guitar strings including the popular Super Slinky bass guitar strings.

Noteworthy bassists who use Ernie Ball bass strings include Justin Chancellor, Tim Commerford, Shavo Odadjian, Mark Hoppus, Mike Herrera, John Myung, Mike Dirnt, and more.

Before you start shopping, you’ll need to consider the number of strings on your bass, the scale length, your playing style, musical genre, how often you play, and the tonal quality desired.

Our popular roundwound bass strings have a bright tone made for rock and funk musicians. Our flatwound bass guitar strings are the best bass strings for jazz and country musicians who prefer a smoother and more mellow feel. Ernie Ball uses high-quality nickel, stainless steel, chrome-plated steel, cobalt, and copper for its bass guitar strings.

Our bass guitar strings line includes Flatwound, Slinky Flatwound, Coated Electric, Nickel Wound, Stainless Steel, Cobalt, Earthwood Acoustic Bass, as well as single string gauges.

Our Ernie Ball bass guitar strings come in 4-string, 5-string, and 6-string models, including standard, ? scale, short scale, and long scale configurations to match any bass guitar rig you might have.

When you find the best bass guitar strings for your instrument, head on over to your nearest music store that sells Ernie Ball products to pick them up. Find stores using our Store Locator.

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